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Our Vascular Surgery Practice in Raleigh, NC

Carolina Vascular is the ONLY independent 100% Board Certified Vascular Surgery clinic in Raleigh.  Our specialists are certified by the American Board of Surgery in the treatment of vascular disease (unlike Cardiologists, Radiologists, etc).

At Carolina Vascular, we perform BOTH minimally invasive treatments (angioplasty/stents) and open surgery – Cardiologists and Radiologists ONLY offer 1 type of treatment.

We specialize in treating all blood vessels in the body outside of the heart. We treat all artery, vein and lymphatic diseases including carotid artery disease, strokes, aneurysms, and vein diseases (varicose and spider veins).

We are an independent practice that offers onsite diagnostic ultrasounds, performed by certified vascular ultrasonographers. We perform angioplasty and stenting directly in our office.

Vascular Surgeons are in the BEST position to recommend and perform the latest treatments for patients suffering from vascular diseases, as we offer ALL available treatment options in our office.